Riot games mobile release

Riot games announced three new Mobile Games for launch

So the long-awaited moment of Riot games coming to the mobile platform is finally going to happen, Riot games famous League of Legends Series for PC is one of the biggest hits of all time.

There are like more than 100 millions of active players for this game and still counting and this game series is considered as one of the biggest hits of all-time in the history.

And actually their direct competitor Blizzard Entertainment has already like announced their arrival to mobile platforms through Diablo Immortal but it’s like still in doubt and the game makers are still not confirming about the release.

But Riot games has been planning this release for like more than 2 years and the CEO of riot games said that we have taken some time to bring League of Legends to mobile because we want to bring in the exact same gaming experience of League of Legends on PC to the mobile platform and other consoles.

Actually for surprise Riot Games is launching three mobile games named as League of Legends Wildrift, Teamfight Tactics, Legends of Runeterra.

So now the pre-registration for the games have started on both Google Playstore and Apple Store.

The teaser trailer for League of Legends Wildrift and Teamfight Tactics has been released out on the official youtube channel of riot games and it has crossed out nearly a million views actually and still counting on.

Few years before there was a rumour that has been prevailed all over about the League of Legends coming to mobile platforms but at that time it was complete fake news and now this news has become as a sensational one.

And this first game league of Legends Wildrift is considered out as a main game among these three mobile releases because this game has like all the features of the League of Legends from the characters to most of everything and that’s the main reason why it’s been considered out as a big release.

While Teamfight Tactics, on the other hand, is a mode of the game in the League of Legends which has received out a massive response from the audience and that’s the main reason of bringing out as a separate mobile game.

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